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Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms for Dimwit

There are certain statements that never disappear. And some have in fact become idioms of life in themselves. One of them is: beauty without brains. The following is an apt example for the same.

The above is the perfect example for our word under discussion: Dimwit.

A dimwit is basically a stupid incompetent person. In simple words, he or she is dumb and stupid. Just like the blonde girl in the advert.

There are also a number of words which can be learnt from the same context. We have divided these words into three categories, on the basis of the suffix used:

Suffix: head/headedSuffix: brain/brainedSuffix: skull

Each of these words above represents being dumb to some degree or in some form. And these can be remembered together as a group.

What is the most interesting aspect is that in each of these three groups, the ultimate reference is to the human thinking process by referring to our head, skull or brain. For all practical purposes, the reference is the same only.

Pronunciation: dim-wit

Meaning of Dimwit

1. A stupid or silly person.
2. Someone with crazy ideas that could be considered dangerous.
3. Someone who doesn’t know what he is doing.

Example Sentences for Dimwit

1.The dimwit to end all dimwits! Do you have any idea at all what you have done?’ Grobut demanded.
2. ‘Shut up, dimwit!’ Grobut interrupted, ‘You had a wallet full of fake credentials, a golf club membership card which was several years old, and a photo of you and the Mrs.


Berk, birdbrain, doofus, dork, duffer, dullard, dummy, blockhead, chucklehead, moron


egghead, intellect, intellectual, sage, thinker, whiz, wizard; polymath, sharpie, genius

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