Picture for DishevelledThe word dishevelled is an adjective. It is used for something that is in extreme disorder or in a much disarranged state. We all have disheveled hair whenever we wake up in the morning.
The word was first used around 1375-1425 and has been derived from the French word deschevele.

Pronunciation: dih-shev-uhld

Meanings of Dishevelled

1. In an unkempt state
2. Marked by disorder or disarray
3. Hanging loosely or untidy

Master’s Tip to Learn Dishevelled

The word can be loosely broken into ‘dis+shelved’ – This means something that has been taken off its shelf, since things on a shelf are in an organized state, after being taken off the shelf it must have become unorganized and can be related easily to ‘dishevelled’.

Sentence examples for Dishevelled:

1. The teacher punished them for their dishevelled uniforms.
2. The garden needs a lot of grooming as it is in a very dishevelled state at present.
3. He came across as a dishevelled and careless person to his employers.

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