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In the first part of 2011, dissidents have been in demand. Look at the situation in Syria, Yemen, Egypt or Tunisia? The streets have been filled with dissidents. Flocks and flocks of protestors have stormed the streets in these countries and tried to bring about revolutions (successfully or unsuccessfully).

The common thread in all these protests: the protestors do not agree with the beliefs, ideas and methods of their respective authoritarian governments. These people are DISSIDENTS.

The dictionary definitions for DISSIDENT are as follows:
1. Disagreeing, as in opinion or belief. (adjective)
2. One who disagrees; a dissenter. (noun)

Word in Context

The following is an extract from The New York used for educational purposes:

The dissidents in this case are not the caricatures we have drawn above but are rather the real life ones seeking justice and change in Syria.

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