Who is a docile soul and spirit? A docile soul and spirit is amenable to others, and willing to listen to led, fostered and taught; a spirit definitely not prone to revolts and open rejection of authority. Know any such mild-mannered individual? In case you do, you would do well to relate this word with that person.

Pronunciation: dos-uh l; British doh-sahyl

Meanings of Docile:

1. Yielding to supervision
2. Easily managed or handled
3. Readily trained or taught

Master’s Tip to Learn Docile:

DOCILE is promptly to DO something SILENTLY. If something is easily manageable, we do not need to grumble about it. We can do that in peace and silence; this is what docile means.

Sentence examples for Docile:

1. She was a docile child, calm and agreeable.
2. That dog is far from being docile and is constantly creating a ruckus.
3. His students were docile and eager to learn

Synonyms: meek, tame, teachable, gentle, tractable
Antonyms: intractable, wild, untamed, stubborn, obstinate, mulish, persistent.

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