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Part of Speech: Adjective
Origin: British
Dolly refers to anything that is cute or attractive or doll-like. Mostly it is used to describe a cute girl, but it can have a generalized usage as well.
Dolly is an old-fashioned way of saying “you are cute”, this word was used in the mid-1960’s and was in the title of Adam Diment’s fashionable novel The Dolly Dolly Spy.
Here’s a fun conversation I came across, it might help you remember this word.
Guy: You are so Dolly.
Girl: Awww….thanks :*
Guy: But did you know the first cloned sheep was also named Dolly??
Girl: I can’t believe you said that, I am logging off.
Guy: Damn!! I guess I offended her >_<.
So now you have an example of how to use the word dolly, as well as how not to use it 😉

Meaning of Dolly:
1. Attractive, cute, Excellent.

Sentence examples using the word Dolly:
1. “Oh my God, that outfit of yours is so dolly”.
2. “I stepped in mud and it was so not dolly”.

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