Domino effect is basically the process in which one thing leads to the other. It is a chain reaction, wherein one event sets of the other. And it comes from the game of domino blocks. If these blocks are placed in a line, then tripping one can lead to the fall of all others. Just like in the video, where each object acts like a domino block.

Have a look at this video and then you should be able to understand the word:

Dictionary Definition for Domino Effect:

The cumulative effect that results when one event precipitates aseries of like events.

The following are a few phrases that are related to the word Domino Effect:

1. Cause and effect

2. Chain of events

3. Contagion effect,

4. Knock-on effect

5. Ripple effect

6. Slippery slope

Usage examples for domino effect:

1. Using those figures, economists then factor in what’s called a multiplier – because every dollar spent creates a domino effect that ripples through the rest of an economy.

2. And so what happens is, if new home prices start to decline, it sets the — it’s a domino effect for everything else in the market and prices of every related commodity begin to decline.

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