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Meaning, Sentences, Synonyms and Antonyms for Doppelganger

If you have watched the series, How I Met Your Mother, this is one word you should have heard quite a few times. In fact, searching for doppelgangers can become an obsession for some and these people keep trying to find similarities with other people.

YouTube Video for the word

Have a look at the following clip from “How I Met Your Mother”:

Lookalikes are what doppelgangers are. This video should help ingrain the word in your memory.
Want to know more about doppelgangers? You should most definitely read the Wikipedia article for this word: Read here.

Sentence for doppelganger

Pronunciation: Dopple-ganger

Meaning of Doppelganger

1. A ghostly double of a living person, especially one that haunts its fleshly counterpart. (noun)

Our super tip to learn Doppelganger

You can relate it with the association/mnemonic: Double Gang Member (someone in the gang who looks the same as you).


Example Sentences Doppelganger

1. Her black magic powers might be gone, but she was still a doppelganger.
2. Smiling at the end of the road was not Rahul but his doppelganger.


Double, duplicate, duplication, facsimile, fetch, likeness, look-alike, match, mirror image, picture

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