Picture of DubiousYou know how you know in instant about some people that their intentions are not right, still somehow you wait for time to give you the proof. These some people are of dubious characters. Its first usage dates back to 1548 and it is an adjective.

Pronunciation: doo-bee-uhs, dyoo-

Meanings of Dubious

1) Something characterised by doubt
2) Someone with questionable intentions
3) Doubt in outcome
4) Someone unsteady in opinion
5) Something/someone giving rise to uncertainty
6) Something debatable as to true nature or quality

Master’s tip to learn Dubious

Dubious can be learnt with the help of the word Rubius Hagrid, the famous character in Harry Potter. However, in case you cannot picture him right now, just remember the huge man in Harry Potter whenever you come across the Dubious.

Sentences example for Dubious

1) Troy is a man of dubious character. (Adjective)
2) I was well aware of the dubiousness of the situation, but I did it just for you. (Noun)
3) He dubiously went ahead with a dubious plan and as expected he failed. (Adverb)
4) He is always dubious about his views on the subject. (Adjective)
5) After being inquired about his absence from the class, he gave a very dubious reply and got caught. (Adjective)

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