Picture for DulcetDulcet is a beautiful qualifier meaning melodious or pleasing to the senses. Dulcet would be something that soothes you, like when listening to various songs, you bump into this one song that fits your mood perfectly and releases all your tensions. That dear song will be called dulcet. Dulcet came into existence around 1350-1400, coming from the latin word dulcis.

Pronunciation: duhl-sit

Meanings of Dulcet

1. Melodious
2. Pleasing to the ear
3. Soothing or pleasant to the eye

Master’s Tip to Learn

Dulcet can be broken into the words ‘dull’ and ‘set’. If your life seems ‘dull’ and boring, a melodious song can set your mood right and ‘set’ you back on the track.

Sentence examples for :

1. They shouted encore on hearing her dulcet voice.
2. As the dulcet music reached his ears, his anger subsided.
3. The thing is miss most about her is her dulcet humming.

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