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Something more about ‘Dwindle’

Dwindle: Dhan hau swindle
Obvious next question: what is swindle?
Swindle means to cheat someone through some fraudulent scheme.
Ab jab hamara paisa kaam ho raha hota hai, hume to yehi lagta hai ke hamara paise swindle kiya jaa raha hai!

Meanings of Dwindle:

1. To shrink and become smaller until little remains
2. To waste away
3. To decrease ,diminish.

Pronunciation: dwin-dl

picture and mnemonic for dwindle

Sentence Examples for Dwindle:

1. The enemy’s morale started to dwindle as they heard the shrieks of their comrades falling to the gurkhas’ khukhri.
2. He made a promise to himself to stop dwindling away in alcohol and make something out of his life.
3. Money and assets will start to dwindle for those who do not expand their business.

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