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In dire circumstances, hope dwindles.
In situations when we absolutely need some money, the moolah (Informal term for money) dwindles.
In situations when we need to be mentally strong, our faith and confidence dwindles.
And the golden rule of life: youth has to dwindle.

The above are in itself explanatory with respect to the meaning of dwindle, aren’t they?

Dictionary definition for Dwindle:
1. To become gradually less until little remains.

There are more than a few words that can be learned from this paragraph:
1. Contretemps: Read here.
2. Anonymous: Having no known name or identity or known source.
3. Vying: Compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others
4. Piety: Righteousness by virtue of being pious

The following is an extract from The Economic Times used for educational purposes:  ‘The current contretemps over Tripoli reminded your scribe of the prediction the anonymous poet made about Kali Yuga in the Vishnu Purana: “There will be numerous rulers vying with each other… Violence, falsehood and wickedness will be the order of the day. Piety and good nature will dwindle slowly.”’

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