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Origin & Usage of the word Egghead

This is one of the best origin stories I have come across and I absolutely relate to it on a personal level. The reason is simple: I am an egghead to (totally bald that is).

Egghead does not sound to be flattering word but is actually used to represent intellectuals and people who are very studious. The association between eggheads and intellectuals is simple: it is believed that intellectuals lose their hair because of their studious habits, and thus appear like EGGHEADS.

In terms of usage, have a look at the following:
1. Eggheads produce some of most important works in history.
2. Salman Rushdie is an egghead, literally and figuratively.

The dictionary definitions for EGGHEAD are as follows:
1. An intellectual; a very studious and academic person. (noun)

Word in Context
The following is an extract from The Guardian used for educational purposes.

It perfectly represents what we wish to say: the atmosphere described above perfectly suits an egghead.
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