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Definition & Meaning: Ego Root Word

Salman Khan Fans, attention!
One of his all time dialogues has been “Never underestimate 3 things in life: I, Me & Myself”

Well, this is exactly what the word root Ego means. A Latin root word, ego essentially means someone who has a very high regard for himself or in other words, preoccupation for himself.
Let’s learn more words related to the root word Ego. 

Words Based on the Ego Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Ego Root Word:

1. Ego: The way a person thinks about herself, that is, her “I”
2. Egotistical: Thinking about “I” a little too much
3. Egotist: One who excessively thinks about “I”
4. Egoist: Another word for “egotist”
5. Egotism: Thinking excessively about “I”
6. Egoism: Another word for “egotism”
7. Egomaniac: Thinking about “I” way too much
8. Egomaniacal: Of thinking about “I” way too much
9. Superego: That part of the ego or “I” that watches over what it does
10. Alter ego: Another side of oneself
11. Egocentric: Holding the view that the ego is the center, object, and norm of all experience.
12. Egocentrism: Regarding oneself and one’s own opinions or interests as most important.
13. Egomania: An intense and irresistible love for oneself
14. Egomaniac: An abnormally egotistically self-centered person.
15. Egopathy: Hostile behavior due to a psychopathically exaggerated sense of self-importance

This lesson on root word Ego ends up with this list of words. Hope you learnt quite a few new words today. Keep enriching your vocabulary, practice is the key. Good luck.

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