Picture for ElicitThe word ‘Elicit’ is a verb and it means to bring out or to draw forth something. It was first used around 1640 and has been derived from the Latin word ēlicitus.

Pronunciation: ih-lis-it

Meanings of Elicit

1. To draw forth or bring out
2. To call forth or draw out

Master’s Tip to Learn Elicit

‘Elicit’ sounds like the word ‘explicit’, which means – being specifically told or written. ‘Elicit’ means something, which is not specifically told or understood, but we have to drive by reasoning. Hence the two can easily be used to remember each other.

Sentence examples for Elicit:

1. The teacher tried to elicit an answer from her students.
2. My question elicited no response.
3. She’s been trying to elicit the support of other committee members.

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