Picture for EmaciatedThe word ‘Emaciated’ is used for someone who may have become extremely thin or physically unwell. It is a verb.
It was forst used around 1650 and has been derived from the Latin word emaciatus.

Pronunciation: ih-mey-shee-ey-tid

Meanings of Emaciated

1. To waste away physically
2. Very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold

Master’s Tip to Learn Emaciated

An interesting way to remember the word ‘Emaciated’ is to remember it through the name Emma which can be related to the Harry Potter starlet ‘Emma Watson’. As she is a thin girl, it can easily be related to remember the meaning of the word.

Sentence examples for Emaciated:

1. For one thing, the prisoners are far from emaciated.
2. He is severely emaciated, physically abused, and terrified of mostly everything.

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