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Origin of the word Engender:

Engender, etymologically, descends from the Latin roots ‘en’ (meaning to) and ‘gener re’, (meaning to produce, also the root for generate). So basically it equates to: To generate or to produce.

Produce what? One of the meanings of engender is to create or produce life, that is to procreate. And the same can be extended to any field which involves creation of something. As soon as something comes into existence, it is engendered.

The dictionary definitions for Engendered are as follows:
1. To bring into existence; give rise to. (verb)
2. To procreate; propagate. (verb)

Masters tip to learn Engendered:
A famous quote from William Shakespeare: “Every cloud engenders not a storm”.

Word in Context:
The following is an extract used for educational purposes:

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