Word Roots

This is where we explain and explore the world of ‘Word Roots’. Word Roots are a wonderful method to learn the English Langauge and with the help of a single root, you can learn multiple words. We use the same concept in this section..:)
Click on each individual word-root and explore words related to it.

What are Word Roots?

There are quite a few English words that are made up of word parts from different languages. The two most common sources for English words are Greek and Latin. These word-parts, upon which words are based, are called word roots. Most of the word roots do not exist as standalone words in the language but combine with other roots to form meaningful words.

How to use Word Roots?

The best part about word roots is that knowing their meaning can rapidly expand your vocabulary. Since a single root can be a part of multiple words, by simply learning the meanings of roots, you can learn multiple words at the same time. This is an extremely effective and quick way to learn words. We exploit this method to the fullest in this section.

How does this section work?

We are in the process of adding as many word-roots as we can. Our target is to make this section a comprehensive resource bank for word-roots and you should expect the same to happen by the middle of 2017. Each word root has an article based on it. In each article, you have the meaning of the root, words based on the root and a graphic that you can use for quick revision.

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