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Definition & Meaning: Entom Root Word

What does entom Root Word mean?
The term entom has been derived from the Greek word entomon which means insect or insects from the word root entomonsuch as entomology which refers to the science or study of insects is entomology; the entomofauna of an area is its insect life; an entomoentom ous (Greek entom os, loving) plant or flower is one pollinated by insects; entomophagy (Greek phagein, eat) is the practice of eating insects, especially by people.

To have a better understanding let’s have a look at the word entomologywhich can be broken down into:
Entom: Insects
Logy: Study
Entomology: Study of insects.

Example Sentence:
New branches of studies have evolved such as entomology which refers to the study of insects.entom Root Word: Learn words related to word root entom

Words Based on the entom Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the entom root word:

1. Entomofauna: A fauna of insects.
2. Entomologist: One who studies etonmology.
3. Entomology: Is the scientific study of insects, a branch of zoology.
4. Entomophagous: Is the human use of insects as food.
5. Entomoentomy: Or insect pollination is a form of pollination whereby pollen of plants, especially but not only of flowering plants, is distributed by insects.
6. Pentomic: Refers to a structure for infantry and Airborne divisions adopted by the U.S. Army in 1957 in response to the perceived threat posed by tactical nuclear weapons use on the battlefield.
7. Entombments: The placing of a dead body in a tomb; interment.
8. Entombs: Place (a dead body) in a tomb.
9. Dientomoentomous: In entom ology, a reference to a plant that is pollinated by two different insect species and having two kinds of flowers each adapted for one of the insect pollinator.
10. Entomochore: Dispersed by the agency of insects.
11. Entomophilous: Pollinated by insects.
12. Entomological: The scientific study of insects.

We hope this article on the commonly used Entom  Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Entom  and enhance your vocabulary.
We can see how much easier it becomes to memorize any word if we can link it with something that we can never forget. That is the power of word root that can help us to break down complex words and easily fathom their meaning.

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