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Definition & Meaning: Epi Root Word

What does epi Root Word mean?

Prefixes are key morphemes in English vocabulary that begin words. The English prefix epi-, which means “over” or “upon,” appears in a good number of English vocabulary words, such as epidermis and epitaph. You can remember that the prefix epi- means “upon” from the noun epidemic, which is a widespread disease that comes “upon” people; you can also recall that epi- means “over” via the word epidermis, which is the outer skin that lies “over” lower layers of skin.

Having spoken “upon” the first meaning of epi- sufficiently, let’s now go “over” another widespread meaning of epi-, that is, “over”! The epidermis, or visible layer of skin in humans, lies “over” the dermis and hypodermis, the two underlying skin layers. The epicenter of an earthquake is that point on the surface of the Earth directly “over” the very center or place of origin of an earthquake. Have you seen those quotes from literary works that often begin chapters in books? Those are epigraphs, or words written “over” the beginning of a book chapter, often to clue you into what the chapter is going to be about. Finally, an epigram, or short group of words written “over” a given subject, is defined as a short poem or sentence that expresses something such as a feeling or idea in a short, clever, and amusing way.

Example Sentence:
The earthquake that shook northern India has it’s epicentre in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

Words Based on the Epi- Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Epi-root word:

1. Epidemic: A Widespread Disease That Comes “Upon” People
2. Epitaph: Writing “Upon” A Tomb
3. Epithet: Descriptor Placed “Upon” Someone’s Name
4. Epilogue: Writing “Upon” The Conclusion Of A Written Work
5. Eponym: Someone’s Name Placed “Upon” A Place
6. Epidermis: Top Layer Of Skin Placed “Over” The Two Underlying Layers
7. Epicenter: Place Directly “Over” The Origin Of An Earthquake
8. Epigraph: Appropriate Words Written “Over” The Chapter In A Book
9. Epigram: Short Number Of Words Written “Over” A Particular Topic
10. Epicormic: Growing from a dormant or adventitious bud.
11. Epicrisis: A commentary or annotation of a text.
12. Epicuticle: The outermost portion of the exoskeleton of an insect or arthropod.
13. Epicranial: Pertaining to the epicranium.
14. Epipod: A small projection arising from the thoracic legs of a crustacean.
15. Epispore: The thickish outer coat of certain spores.

We hope this article on the commonly used Epi Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Epi and enhance your vocabulary.
We can see how much easier it becomes to memorize any word if we can link it with something that we can never forget. That is the power of word root that can help us to break down complex words and easily fathom their meaning.

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