Picture for EquanimityEquanimity is the capability of a person to maintain emotional and mental stability even under conditions of stress. The word equanimity is a noun.
The word was first used back in 1600 and was originally derived from the French word equanimite.

Pronunciation: ee-kwuh-nim-i-tee

Meanings of Equanimity

1. Evenness of temper even under stress
2. Steadiness of minder under stress.

Master’s Tip to Learn Equanimity

The word Equanimity can be recalled as ‘equal+enmity’ and to fight and win against an enemy you need to consider him as an equal therefore you need a calm and steady mind to do so, which can be related to the word Equanimity.

Sentence examples for Equanimity:

1. He accepted their problems with composure and she with equanimity.
2. She has made her mark as an Olympic diver who always displays remarkable equanimity on the big stage.
3. There is a feeling of equanimity and energy among the protestors gathered in the square.

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