Picture for EruditeErudite means being characterized by great knowledge. It is used as an adjective. The English word erudite is first recorded in a work possibly written before 1425 with the senses “instructed, learned.

Pronunciation: er-yoo-dahyt, er-oo-

Meanings of Erudite

1. Marked by great knowledge
2. Learned or scholarly
3. Having or showing profound knowledge

Master’s Tip to Learn

If you’ve seen big bang theory, then relate erudite with Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who is characterized by great knowledge, but is pretty rude (e-‘rud’-ite).
Looking at the last part of erudite i.e. ‘dite’, one can relate it to ‘deity’. Our deities are understood to be ones with profound knowledge and be learned.

Sentence examples for erudite:

1. Her essays are erudite but never incomprehensible.
2. He is clearly an erudite writer, gifted with rare insight and a wry sense of humor.
3. The erudite professor always started the course with a story to motivate his students.

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