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Origin of the word Espionage:
Espionage has the same source as the word spy, and etymologically a spy means someone who ‘looks’. These words are adapted from the old French word ‘espie’, meaning watcher. The same ‘espie’ makes the word ‘espionage’, which is what spies do: the act/art of spying.

The dictionary definitions for espionage are as follows:
1. The act of spying. (noun)
2. The use of spies by a government to discover the military and political secrets of other nations. (noun)
3. The use of spies by a corporation or the like to acquire the plans, technical knowledge, etc., of a competitor: industrial espionage. (noun)

Masters Tip to remember Espionage:
The most spy of the world comes to our rescue here: James Bond.
James Bond’s Job is espionage.

Usage Examples for Espionage:
1. All nations are involved in some or the other form of espionage.
2. United States has a number of agencies like the CIA that are involved in the business of espionage.

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