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Picture for estoppelEstoppel(noun) is a legal term which interdicts or bars a person from making claims because they are discrepant with the statements earlier made. It basically debars people from going against the incipiently esablished facts.

Pronunciation: e-stop-uhl

Meanings of Estoppel

1. The rule of law which precludes people from denying a fact that they earlier admitted.
2. The agency by which the law excludes evidence to dispute certain admissions, which the policy of the law treats as indisputable.

Origin of Estoppel

The word originates from the disused French word “estouppail” which is further deduced from the old French word “estouper” which means to stop up.

Master’s Tip to Learn Estoppel

Oft we read in newspapers that people facing legal charges alter their statements time and again to discombobulate the jury. To prevent this an estoppel has been founded which is a law that prevents the defendant from doing so.

Sentence examples for Estoppel:

1. An estoppel should be used against Kasab because he time and again changes his statements.
2. Why can’t a lawyer husband not break his promise?
3. Because his wife prevents that by reminding him about the estoppel

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