Picture for EvinceThe word ‘Evince’ is a verb and it means to show or demonstrate something clearly.
It was first used around 1605 and has been derived from the Latin word ēvincere which means to conquer or overcome.

Pronunciation: ih-vins

Meanings of Evince

1. To indicate something by action or by implication.
2. To show or to demonstrate clearly; to manifest.

Master’s Tip to Learn Evince

‘Evince’ sounds a lot like ‘Evidence’. Evidence means to show something clearly and since evince means the same, the meanings of both the words can be learnt by relating them to each other.

Sentence examples for Evince:

1. They did not evince any interest in talking to us.
2. Such laws evince a worrying belief in the power of a strong, centralisedstate under the control of one party.
3. She evinced an interest in art at an early age.

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