Picture for expedientExpedient is used for something that is appropriate to a purpose. It is used for something that is based on self-interest rather than genuine concern for someone else. It is also used for something practical.
It was first used around 1350-1400 and was originally derived from the Latin word expedient.

Pronunciation: ik-spee-dee-uhnt

Meanings of Expedient

1. Something that is a means or method of accomplishing an objective.
2. Serving to promote one’s interest
3. Conducive to advantage or interest, as opposed to right.

Master’s Tip to Learn Expedient

Expedient sounds like experienced. Now, an experienced person knows how to promote his self interest and can be cunning along with being practical therefore this can easily be used to recall the meaning of the word expedient.

Sentence examples for Expedient:

1. They found it expedient to negotiate with the terrorists.
2. Do the right thing, not the expedient thing.
3. In the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty.

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