Picture fro ExploitThe word ‘exploit’ can be used both as a verb and a noun. As a noun, ‘exploit’ means a notable deed or act. As a verb it means to take advantage of something or someone.
It was first used around 1350 and has been derived from the French word espleit.

Pronunciation: ek-sploit

Meanings of Exploit

1. To employ to the greatest possible advantage
2. To make use of selfishly or unethically.

Master’s Tip to Learn Exploit

To remember the word exploit just think of all those rights most of has have studied in our Civics textbooks that guaranteed one ‘Rights against Exploitation’. Since it is unethically wrong to take advantage of someone our constitution provides us rights against the same and this can be used to remember the meaning of the word ‘Exploit’.

Sentence examples for Exploit:

1. Among his countless exploits, his discovery of the North Pole ranks first. (noun)
2. He has found a way to exploit the new taxation system. (verb)

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