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Expunge means removing or erasing, as illustrated often on a chalkboard or a whiteboard. Recall high school days when the teacher would allot turns for students to expunge the class’s notes off the chalkboard.

The one thing that you should most definitely look to expunge is bad memories; the sooner you erase them from your system, the better it is.

Pronunciation: ik-spuhnj

Meanings of Expunge

1. To erase or strike out.
2. To eliminate completely
3. To wipe out or destroy

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Our super tip to learn Expunge

Expunge sounds a lot like ex-sponge, since a sponge wipes clean and erases dirt. You can think of expunging as the process where you take a sponge to memory or event and erase it totally.

Example Sentences for Expunge

1. I have corrected some factual slips, expunged some repetitions.
2. The nuclear bomb expunged the entire state of Hiroshima.

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Synonyms of Expunge

Erase, Delete, Obliterate, Cancel, Eradicate, Efface, Eliminate, Wipe Out, Blot Out, Extinguish

Antonyms of Expunge

Create, Build, Construct, Fashion, Form, Make, Bear, Fabricate, Blighted, Book

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