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Birthdays-a special day for everyone. A day when you are at the helm of all things. I am sure this day was invented for loosers like me, who don’t have anything spectacular about them. It’s a day when you are special for no particular reason. Just for being born, maybe even that is considered an important achievement .But i definitely think that the credit for it should be given to the mother .

There has been a great enhancement in the number of formalities and celebrations for birthdays .The ‘Facebook generation’  goes super-busy on  the night before  their birthdays. Even before the clock strikes twelve the phone begins to beep with sms’es .Chat and browser windows pop up, abound with birthday wishes and notifications, phones start ringing and the long litany of thank you’s and welcomes begins. The situation sometimes resembles  the scene of a stock -market crash .

But it usually doesn’t go so well on my birthdays. Lastyear,I just sat in a forlorn state ,flipping through channels looking for some birthday songs being played to imagine they were for me. Five minutes to twelve. I wait with the phone by my side. And wait some more, fifteen past twelve .Beep Beep.”Finally” , I exclaim and check the phone hurriedly. And flashing across the screen  in big letters is a  ‘battery low’ sign. Blaming my insolent behavior towards my friends  for this indifference ,i retire to my bed .And it is then that I hear the sweet Sms tone of my cell.”30 % discount on special birthday cakes,log in to now.!” -the message says.

Words to be learn from the story above:

1. helm
2. enhancement
3. abound
4. litany
5. forlorn
6. insolent

Author: The post is contributed by Simrat Singh.

Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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