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National Political News:

1.News reports indicate that India had enough evidence to present on 26/11 Mumbai attack to nail down LET mastermind Hafiz Saeed and the Pakistani Government agencies complicity in it during the NSA talks which were to be held in New Delhi.NSA talks had been called off by Pakistan at the last moment.

2. ‘Chhari Mubarak’ the holy mace of Lord Shiva and of Goddess Parvati commences its annual journey to the Amarnath Shrine carried by Sadhus lead by Mahant Deependra Giri. The Shrine isat an altitude of 13,000 ft in South Kashmir Himalayas. The 2 month long Amaranth Yatra is celebrated with religious fervour by Hindus from across the World. The holy mace of Lord Shiva is taken to different Kashmir valley temples before being taken to the cave shrine of Lord Shiva where an ice lingam is formed every year naturally.

3. 3 Pakistani terrorist have been killed in gun fight with the Army in Kashmir. One of the terrorist captured is a Baloch from Pakistan.
18 soldiers were injured in an accidental blast at an Army camp in Khrew, 24 kms from Srinagar, J & K. Army has ordered a court of enquiry.

4. The central government has released data based on Census 2011, regarding population of various religious communities in the country.The data is indicating that Hindus constitute 79.8% of India’s population – a decline of 0.7%, Sikhs decline by 0.2% and Buddhists by 0.1%. On the other hand Muslims increased numerically from 13.4% to 14.2%. Not much change was noticed in the population of Christians and Jains.

5. Patel – Patidhar Arakshan Andolam Samiti unrest hits Gujarat. The Patels are seeking reservations for their community in Gujarat. 22 year old Hardik Patel is leading the “andolan” in which 10 lives have been lost.

International Political News:

1. USA is stated to be disappointed with Pakistan calling off the NSA talks between Pakistan and India at New Delhi.

2. A Pole and a German have treasure hunted a Nazi train carrying gold, precious gems as well as very valuable secrets like development of nuclear bomb technology by Germany, guns and armaments estimated to be worth $200 million in an underground tunnel on a mountain side in Poland. The train was on its way from Hungary to Germany in the closing stages of Second World War.

3. 50 refugees found dead in a 7.5 tonne truck parked in Austria.Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa are clandestinely migrating to Europe for better prospects.

There is a record migrant influx into Hungary via Greece of Syrian refugees fleeing from war – torn Syria.
The European nations are facing a huge problem because of the influx of refugees. These migrants have been categorized as
(a) Refugee – who has left his or her home country fearing persecution because of race, nationality and social causes.
(b) Asylum seeker – someone who is seeking refugee status, having left his/her country in search of international protection.
(c) Migrant – One who chooses to leave his/her country for reasons not related to persecution, that is they want to study and work abroad seeking better economic prospects.

Business News:

1. The ‘made in China’ global crash rocks the financial markets the world over. The Chinese currency Yuan stands devalued viz a viz the dollar and has made the other currencies tango. The India bench mark index Sensex tanked 1625 points that is 6% in the biggest one day loss. FII (Foreign Institutional Investors ) sold record Rs. 5272 Cr. of stock in one day whereas DII(Domestic Institutional Investors) purchased stocks worth Rs. 4100 Cr. The Rupee weakened by 82 paisa to close at Rupees 66.65 to a dollar on the back of Chinese Yuan devaluation.

2. India Oil Corporation (IOC) offer for sale (OFS) has been oversubscribed. The Government will get Rs. 9300 crores for the 10% stake sale of IOC. The retail investors avoided the OFS by picking less than 1/5th of the OFS earmarked for them.

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