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The Weekly Update consisting of Important News, Events, Facts and Achievements. Browse Regularly for Strengthening your General Knowledge, and staying abreast with what is happening around you. 

National Political News:

1.The American President Obama’s visit has brought a transformation in India America ties.
The first major thaw in Indo American relationship came in BJP Atal. B. Vajpayee’s tenure as PM in 1999 –2004, with US being called a natural ally. The next significant step came in Congress PM Manmohan Singh and American Republican President George Bush meetings with nuclear deal in prospect.
Personal chemistry has come to the fore in Modi Obama relationship. It all started with the unprecedented visit of US President Obama with PM Modi to the memorial of Martin Luther king during PM Modi’s visit to US last September.
US is now slated to be the largest supplier of defense equipment to India.
General Electric and Westinghouse are set to supply nuclear reactors to India. Nuclear liability laws are being amended and a insurance cover of Rs.1500 Crore is being provisioned.
US is also agreeable supply India with the latest clean energy – solar and carbon emission technology to make India relatively less polluted.
A permanent seat on the UN Security Council with American support is also being assured.
President Obama has endeared his way to the Indian Psyche. His last itinerary item was a Town hall type address at Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi. He quoted eloquently on article 25 of the Constitution of India, gender equality, Mahatma Gandhi and on other current Indian heroes in various fields. His bottom line on freedom was, ‘The Grandson of a cook can be President, a Dalit can help write the constitution and a tea seller can be a PM’.

2. Padma Vibhushan and Magsaysay Award winner R.K Laxman the doyen of Indian Cartoonists is no more. He expired on 26th of Jan as the sun set on India’s 66th Republic day. R.K. Laxman was aware of the medicinal value of the cartooning in highlighting the various issues confronting our democracy, excesses of powers to be, the plight of the common man and the double speak of the politicians.

3. BJP – PDP coalition Govt. to be formed in J&K. Both the parties have agreed to a common minimum programme. PDP patron Mufti Mohd.Sayeed may be the next CM of J&K.

4. Vodafone tax liability of 3200 Crore in supposedly under valuation of shares in the transfer pricing case set aside by the Mumbai High Court, this judgement not to be appealed against by Union Govt. Vodafone is contesting another tax claim by Govt. of India for Rs.11,200Crore over the 67% stake purchase from Hutchinson Essar in 2007 in arbitration.

5. Modi Govt. replaces foreign secretary Ms. Sujatha Singh with Indian envoy to US Jaishankar. Jaishankar was the Indian envoy to US and is regarded as instrumental in pushing the Nucleardeal.He has also served in the Indian missions in China and Japan previously with a good track record.

International Political News:

1. In Greece, anti-austerity party Syriza has won elections to form the government. Greece may not leave the Euro Zone as thought of earlier. Greek left wing leader AlexisTsipras sworn in as PM of new hardline Govt.

2. China shows its annoyance on South China sea views of President Obama during his Indian visit on freedom of navigation and greater Indian role in that area.

3. The next Ms. Universe is Paulina Vega, 22 year old business administration student from Colombia,S. America.

4. Jordan ISIS prisoner swap is being proposed for Jordanian pilot of F16 which crashed in ISIS held territories on a mission with a Iraqi woman involved in 2005 suicide bomb attacks.

Business News:

1. Markets – Sensex and Nifty scale new heights post Obama visit on hopes of strong Indo US ties and inflow of American FII and FDI.
Macro Economic Data is also turning positive on fiscal and external side.

2. Investment Bankers tailing Indian E-commerce firm Flipkart as it is to raise U.S $5 billion through IPO on the US bourses in the next 18 months.

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3. Spectrum price for 3G air waves auction fixed at Rs.3705 Croreper megahertz by Govt. of India.


1. Australian Open
(i) Stunning upset as Tomas Berdych of Czech Republic beats Rafael Nadal of Spain in Melbourne
6–2, 6–0, 7–6 and sails in to semifinals.
(ii) Serena Williams has won the women singles titles by beating Maria Sharapova.
(iii) Men’s final: Novak Djokovic has won the men single title by beating Andy Murray in the finals. In the women’s final Serena Williams has defeated Maria Sharapova to become the Australian open women’s champion.

2. Indian Leander Paes in partnership with Martina Hingis has won the mixed doubles title.

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