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National Political News

1. The Governing Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in Andhra Pradesh is facing disquiet from its Ministers and legislators belonging to Rayalseema district for its lack of development in that region in comparison to the coastal regions. Andhra Pradesh is building a new capital at Amaravathi in the prosperous coastal region of Vijyawada – Guntur.

2. PM Modi pitches for use of Technology in Agriculture while launching a dedicated DD ‘Kisan channel’. The Prime Minister has suggested use of genetic engineering for improving quality of produce and has also recommended enhanced tree plantation, animal husbandry, weather information, global agricultural markets, and production of pulses, oilseeds and timber.

3. In an odd twist, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh slams the Modi Government on the Modi theme, yet later on in the day calls on Prime Minister Modi for a cup of tea with PM Modi. Former PM Manmohan Singh declared that he had not enriched himself, his family or friends during his term in office as the Prime Minister. BJP, on the other hand, keeps on harping on the theme of corruption during the reign of UPA government.

4. Home Minister Raj Nath Singh has warned Kashmiri separatist while addressing a press conference in Jammu against engineering anti India activities to instigate Kashmiri youth. Those waving Pakistani Flags etc. will be dealt severely announced the Home minister during the course of the press conference.

5. Ex Serviceman organizations are expressing their displeasure over the non implementation of OROP scheme – One Rank One Pension as committed to by the BJP during the election last year.

6. Modi Government re promulgates the land ordinance now known as land acquisition order 2015.

International News

1. More than 400 people are feared to have been killed by ISIS militants in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra in Syria. The city has a population of about 50,000 and has one of the World’s best preserved ancient Roman ruins.

2. A major US – Australia military exercise is planned for July in the locations North of Australia. The exercise is biennial and is also known as The Talisman Sabre biennial exercise. Japan is joining this exercise for the first time this year. South Japan will be the Northern anchor and North Australia the Southern anchor for this exercise. Concern is building up over Chinese activities in South China seas, where 7 artificial islands in the Spratly archipelago are being created by China in the vital shipping corridor.

3. ISIS groups self proclaimed Caliphate is enticing Muslim Youth from all over the World on internet etc. with paid honeymoons. Yazadi religious sect women abducted in Iraq are now being kept as sex slaves for this appeasement.

4. A Singapore Airlines (SIA) Airbus plane carrying 194 people on board from a flight to Shanghai from Singapore lost power and descended 13000 ft. abruptly from 39000 ft. over the South China seas in bad weather before normal operation was resumed. The passengers and the aircraft had a providential escape.

Business and Commerce

1. Switzerland’s Federal gazette, publishes names of 5 Indians with Swiss Bank accounts in regard to the ongoing tax probes in India. The names include that of a Birla family scion, reality barons, car dealers and other business persons.

2. A start up ‘video on demand’ backed by Hollywood studios Warner brothers, Sony Pictures and telecom giant Singtel is beginning services in 1st week of June in India. The ‘video on demand’ will offer premium content like acclaimed Hollywood movies and television serials on mobile telephones.

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3. Indian economy clocked GDP of 7.3% in FY15. The GDP figure for last year was 6.9%. The US economy on the other hand has contracted by 0.7% in this year. China’s economy growth was at 7.4% in the calendar year 2014.

Science and Technology

1. Scientists in U.K have worked successfully on a cocktail of chemicals that could awaken the cells within the human heart so as to self-repair the damaged portion.

2. China’s Tianhe – 2 is ranked as the World’s fastest super computer system. Of the 500 fastest system in the World, 231 are in the U.S followed by China, Japan, UK and France with each of them having over 30 or more such systems. India has 9 super computers and is ranked 7th in the list of 500 nations having super computers.


1. Mumbai Indians Clinch the IPL title for the second time by defeating Chennai Super Kings at Eden Gardens, Calcutta. Their first win of the title was at the same venue in 2013. Mumbai Indians score 202 runs for 5 wickets with their top scorer being captain Rohit Sharma with 50 runs and Simmons with 68 runs. Chennai Super Kings replied with 161 runs for 8 wickets in 20 overs.

2. In the first test at London between England and New Zealand, England beat New Zealand in the final 10 overs of the game.

3. Soccer
3a.The Premier League trophy matches which were being played in Britain, English soccer club Chelsea beat Sunderland 3 – 1 at Stamford Bridge in London.
3b. Didier Drogba ,37 year old was the star Chelsea player in the tournament. Chelsea was managed by Jose Mourinho a former football great.
3c. In Germany Bayern Munich are crowned as the German League Champions. They defeated another German club 2 – 0 to win their 25th Bundesliga title.
3d. In the Europa league finals, Spanish Club Sevilla retains the trophy beating Ukraine’s Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk 3–2 in an exciting final at Warsaw Poland.

4. Seven top Soccer administrators arrested in Switzerland in a fraud mess connected with the FIFA World Cup shall be extradited to the United States. The money trail passes through the American Banking system. The fraud relates to kickbacks etc. pertaining to business deals associated with soccer tournaments and money laundering with the rights to hold 2018 World Cup in Russia and 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
4a. Swiss Sepp Blatter has won FIFA presidency for a fifth term, the corruption hue and cry notwithstanding.

5. Car Racing
Nico Rosberg won the Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix in a Mercedes beating team mate and defending Champion Lewis Hamilton.

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