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National Political News:

1. Central Government initiates a peace process with United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) by holding a meeting with ULFA chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa in New Delhi. Assam goes to the polls early next year. Violence in the North Bengal Assam belt traces its origins to ULFA.

2. An all party meet has been convened by the Govt. which has been attended by Prime Minister Modi and his ministers as well as major opposition party leaders. The Parliament session is to be held from Nov. 26 to Dec. 23. 20 sittings planned over 28 days including the passage of GST Bill.

3. 3 militants from Pakistan who tried to cross the Line of Control (LOC) in Kupwara sector of J&K killed in a 6 hour long gun fight with the security forces.

4. On 26th Nov 1949, the constitution of India came into force. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was chairman of the constitution drafting committee which framed the constitution, subsequently ratified by the constituent assembly of India.

5. Electronic media and Twitter frenzy continues over tolerance fears expressed by film actor Amir Khan and his wife. Their quit India remarks have not gone down well with fellow countrymen. Snapdeal – A sales portal whom Amir Khan represents as brand ambassador is thus feeling the heat.

6. Muslim women from all across the country petition the Prime Minister for changes in Muslim personal law. They demand a life of dignity and seek mandatory arbitration of 90 day period for Talaq–e–Ahsan that is oral divorce,which be declared as illegal without arbitration.

7. 7 years after 26/11, nation pays homage to 166 people including 18 security personnel who lost their lives in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

International Political News:

1. President Obama of US winds up a 9 day trip to Turkey and Asia with a call to Russia to Join US against the ISIS to avenge for its bombed jet over Egypt. He also enjoins upon Russia to withdraw its support to President Assad of Syria, whose malgovernance has lead to the rise of ISIS.

2. Hong Kong the erstwhile British colony handed back to China in 1997 went to polls as an after math of huge prodemocracy protests known as Umbrella movement that gripped it.

3. Myanmar Jade mine landslide kills 100 people at Hpakant, Northern Kachin state. This area produces the world highest quality Jade stone used in expensive jewellery. Illegal mining because of smuggling to China of Jade stone is reported to be the cause of accident.

4. A UN study on climate change, shows that weather related disasters are more frequent in the past 20 years. These have killed for than 6 lakh people in floods, storms and other extreme weather condition. 75% of the people affected as such were in China and India.

5. Argentina, Latin America’s third biggest economy has repudiated the leftist government of President Cristina Kirchner by electing a pro market (America) President Mauricio Macri, who is a former football executive and favourite candidate of big business promising a ‘marvelous’ future.

6. Turkey shoots down a Russian military jet near the Turkish Syrian border claiming it had
repeatedly violated its air space. Turkey is a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organization
(NATO). Russian President Putin claims that the fighter jet was 1 km inside Syria when attacked,
and has warned Turkey of economic revenge and sanctions.

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Business News:

1. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in a meeting with PSU bank heads tells them they have full authority and autonomy to deal with willful defaulters in the different sectors of economy. Steel, Power and Infrastructure sectors are the ones with maximum NPA’s.

2. Idea Cellular to buy Videocon Telecoms spectrum in UP (West) and Gujarat for Rs. 3310 crores. Idea is gearing up to launch 4G services in these areas.

3. Mercedes Benz rolls out its GTS Sports 4 litre AMG model with a top speed of 310 km/hour priced at Rs. 2.4 crores ex-showroom Delhi on Indian roads. It is claimed to be a power packed luxury on wheels. Mercedes has recorded a 40% growth in India this year on the back of the newer models.

Science and Technology:

1. SpaceX of Tesla fame Elon musk and Blue origin of Amazons Jeff Bezos to have space flights companies using reusable rockets.
Blue origin has successfully tested a reusable rocket from its Texas launching pad. The rocket is Christened as New Shepard whose space craft can accommodates 6 astronauts. The rocket flew 62 miles up out of the earth’s gravitational pull into suborbital space and was then made to land back at the site of launch with braking boosters.

2. A new technology known was LiFi could raised the speed of internet 100 times faster than Wifi. Scientist have achieved speeds upto 224 GB/second with this technology which is LED based. It is equivalent to downloading 18 movies in the blink of an eye.
LiFi or light fidelity is now moving to test its systems around the world. Wifi transmits data by radio waves where as LiFi transmits it by visible light which is also a electro magnetic wave having a spectrum 10,000 times larger than radio wave.

1. India concede the 3 match Hockey series to Australia. The last match of the Hockey series has been won by Australia at Raipur, Chhattisgarh 3–2 in a penalty shootout. The first match was a draw and the second match was won by the Aussies.

2. ATP world tour final of Lawn Tennis won by Czech Player Novak Djokovic by beating Roger Federer of Switzerland 6–3, 6–4 in straight sets.

3. India’s Pankaj Advani clinches the IBSF world snooker championship title in Egypt. This is his fourth such title and he already has 11 world billiard titles to his name.

4. Test cricket paradigm shift to 3 day affairs instead of the slated five days. India win the Nagpur test won by 124 runs against South Africa who could manage only 79 runs and 185 runs in both the innings against India’s 215 and 173.

5. In the Hockey world league tournament India hold Germany to a 1–1 draw in the second match of the tournament.

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