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National Political News

1. Secret files pertaining to the freedom fighter Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose are thrown open by the West Bengal government in Calcutta for the public. The files reveal that Netaji was alive till 1948 and was somewhere in Manchuria/ China. The files contradict the air crash theory in which he supposedly lost his life in Formosa now known as Taiwan on August 18, 1945 en route to Japan.

2. Prime Minister Modi addresses UN General Assembly in New York, USA. He has actively lobbied for thepermanent member seat of the UN Security Council. He has also met the Group of 4 nations pressing for the Security Councilseat that includes Brazil, Japan, Germany and India.

3. The 9 day Himalayan mission near Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh continues as 2 workers out of 3 trapped 49 meters below the mountain surface while working inside a under construction road tunnel 1.265 km long have been rescued by the National Disaster Response Force. The tunnel had caved in because of heavy rain. A hole, 1350 mmin diameter and 49 meter deep, was drilled in 212 hours to reach to these 3 trapped workers.

International Political News

1. Alexis Tsipras of Syriza Party of Greece has been re-elected to power. The charismatic leftist continues to play a dominant role in Greek politics inspite of agreeing to a Western Europe economic bail out, which he and his party had initially opposed.

2. A huge stampede takes place at Jamarat, 5 km from Mecca, the holiest Muslim Shrine, as Haj pilgrims jostle to perform the symbolic stone throwing of the devil marking the culmination of the pilgrimage. It is reported that over 700 people have died in the incident. The tragedy took place at an intersection of 2 main streets of Jamarat. The maximum number of casualties is of Iranian pilgrims.

3. On a US visit, China’s President Xi Jiping strikes a conciliatory note with President Obama on the issue of not tinkering with the Chinese currency Yuan and on the resolution of cyber commercial theft/piracy by deemed to be Chinese agencies.

Business News

1. German Carmaker Volkswagen rocked by emission issue in the US. Sales of diesel models of Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda halted in the US. Sophisticated truant software was there in the cars which masked the pollution/ emission readings of the pollutants. It is indicated that financial fines of over $18 billion could be levied on Volkswagen in the US. Volkswagen shares tail spin by over 30% in various financial markets of the world and the carmakers head Martin Winterkorn quits his post at VW.

Diesel cars often have a tank of urea based solution that mixes with exhaust smog component Nitrogen Oxide to reduce emissions.

2. SEBI fines PACL, Jaipur Rs. 7629 crores for illegally mobilizing funds thru their investment schemes between September 2013 and June 2014. PACL is a Jaipur based real estate major. SEBI is coming down heavily on Ponzi schemes.

3. Asian Development Bank (ADB) slices India’s growth forecast to 7.4% for 2015/16. It has also reduced Chinas growth forecast to 6.8% for the same period.

Science and Technology

Researchers in US claim that chocolates containing dietary cocoa extracts may prevent age related cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Cocoa extracts contain polyphenols a micronutrient.

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Researchers in Greece and UK have on the other hand found that pesticides increase the risk of developing diabetes by 61%.

Miscellaneous News and Events

Film ‘Talvar’ made on Arushi double murder case in which Arushi and her Nepalese origin servant were murdered in Noida, adjacent to New Delhi is making waves at Toronto International film festival in Canada where it has been released.


1. India has lost the Davis cup world group play of match played in Delhi against the Czech Republic 1-3, despite of the strong presence of Leander Paes in the doubles match.

Motor Racing

2.Ferraris Sebastian Vettel wins the Singapore leg of the Formula one grand prix of motor sporting. Team Mercedes Lewis Hamilton retired early in the race because of loss of engine power midway in the 61st lap.

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