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National Political News:

1. Pakistan Army chief General Sharief in a hawkish statement calls Kashmir an unfinished agenda for Pakistan. He also warned India of unbearable damaged in case of a long or short misadventure against Pakistan. This was in response to Indian army chief Dalbir Singh wanting the Indian army to be prepared for further swift and short nature of wars.

2. PM Modi meets top India Inc. industrialists, Bankers and Economists in the wake of the World Economic crisis caused by Chinese Yuan devaluation and crash in Indian stock markets. Government desires increased private sector investment in revival of the economy. The business world wants a cut in the interest rates and passage of the GST bill.

3. 19 people were killed in freak lightning strikes in 5 districts of Andhra Pradesh viz Guntur, Nellore, Prakasam, Krishna and East Godavari. The South West monsoon has turned vigorous in this region because of low pressure atmospheric formations.

4. The Union Government has approved the purchase of 10 missile armed drones from Israel. This shall enhance India’s cross border stealthstrike capability.

5. Before the Bihar elections 5 phase polls, announced by the Election Commission from October 10, the acrimony between the governments on issue of Hawalabazzi by the UPA versus congress insinuation of Hawabazzi against the BJP government are gaining momentum in the pre-electionpoliticking.

6. 2006 Mumbai train blasts near Khar, Bandra, Jogeshwari, Mahim, Borivili, Matunga and Mira road suburbanstations accessed terrorists are convicted by a special Mumbai Court. It was a deadly terror attack on world’s busiest rapid transport system of Suburban trains in which 188 people were killed and another 800 were injured in bomb blast at seven location. 7 Pakistanis and 5 Indians are still wanted by the Mumbai Police for the terror attacks.

7. 89 people were killed and more than 100 injured in a blast triggered by explosion of a gas cylinder and subsequent second explosion of gelatin sticks stored in a residential area in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh.

International Political News:

1. 87 people die as a crane crashes into construction work going on Meccas Grand Mosque. The Grand Mosque houses the Kaaba, the massive cubes shaped structure towards which Muslims worldwide pray. The accidental crane crash happened because of a rain storm.

2. ISIS militants / Jihadists leave 54 dead in a severe attack on a strategic airbase in East Syria’s province of DeirEzzor. Jihadists used suicide bombers in cars laden with explosives. The ISIS controls half of this oil rich province which is near the Northern city of Raqa claimed as Caliphate Capital.

3. British Queen Elizabeth II is U.K’s longest reigning monarch having surpassed Queen Victoria’s 63 years as Monarch. She has seen 12 British PM’s starting with Winston Churchill to the Current PM David Cameron and an equal number of US Presidents from Harry Truman to Barrack Obama.

4. America mourns the 3000 lost lives on the 9/11 anniversary. Al-Qaida terrorists had on this day smashed an American Airline flight number 11 into the World Trade Centre (WTC) tower in New York.

Business News:

1. Standard and Poor rating agency has rated Brazil as Junk status from investment grade. Latin Americas largest economy Brazil has been now rated as BB+ with a negative outlook. Fractured ruling coalition, corruption probes, and budget deficit are the attributed factors for the down grade in the ratings.

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2. Indigo, India’s largest Airlines by domestic carriage has posted a record profit of Rs. 1304 crores in 2014-15 whereas most of its peers in the Airlines industry are in the red.

3. Indian Government approves spectrum trading by telecom companies. This shall entail optimum usage of the spectrum.

4. The CSO data released by the Government indicates that the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) has risen to 4.2% in July as compared to 0.9% in the previous year. The Current Account Deficit (CAD) falls to 1.2% of GDP from $7.8billion to $6.2 billion.

Science and Technology:

1. Study in China reveals that plasticizers like Diethyl phthalates and others in the phthalates family used in bottles, tubes, buckets, food packaging can cause higher levels of urinary phthalate metabolites making women suffer higher risk of miscarriages.

2. Safe screens for mobiles and TV’s are in the process of development. A blue light emitted by the screen is blamed for damaging retinas and causing interrupted sleep. Phillips is showcasing a soft blue technology. Blue light of wavelength between 415 and 455 nanometers kills retina cells. Deep blue light is also close to ultra violet light.

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