Picture for FeasibleWhen you head an organisation, before going through any plan, you have to weigh the pros and cons of that plan. Hence, seeing the feasibility of any plan you go ahead with it or you don’t. However, in many cases people do various things that at first were not feasible, yet they succeeded. It is an adjective.

Pronunciation: fee-zuh-buhl

Meanings of Feasible

1) Something that has a possibility to e completed or done
2) Plausible
3) Suitable/appropriate i.e. a suitable situation/circumstances

Master tip to learn Feasible

Feasible can be learnt by associating it with the word festival, as both the words somewhat sound similar. In order to make a sentence with the two and learn the word you can probably say, ‘ a feasible festival’ .i.e. a festival that has a possibility of being organized.
Further, to make it easier, you can associate the word feasible with faeces. Of course, imagining human excrement is not such a pleasant utilisation of your time, but if you look closely faeces rhymes with the first half of the word feasible .i.e. faeces and feas.

Sentences example for Feasible

1) It is a feasible plan. (Adjective)
2) Feasibility of the plan suggests that you might be able to reap great rewards out of it. (Noun)
3) Its a feasible time (situation/circumstances) to carry out this plan. (Adjective)
4) Looking at it, plan can most feasibly be carried out n time and without any loss. (Adverb)

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