picture vocabulary for felonIt is a bad-bad thing to address someone as a felon. However, it is very uncommon for anyone to use this word for you in case it seems fit, they might just use some other word lie wicked. Thisword is more suited in context of law and conviction. It is a Noun.

Pronunciation: feluhn

The dictionary definitions for felon are as follows:
1) A person who has committed a crime
2) Archaic usage as a Noun: An impious person
3) Archaic usage as adjective: evil and deceitful
4) Felon also means an infection at the end of a finger or the toe around the nail

Master tip to lean felon:
If we break the word felon (fel-on) it can be read as ‘fell on’. And, in a way we can read t as, a felon fell on a stone. Looking at it, a felon is already a fallen person (from his morals by committing a crime).

Felon can be used in the following ways:
1) On Tuesday he was a convicted felon for kidnapping a young boy. (Noun)
2) He is a felonious man. (wicked or a criminal). (Adjective)
3) Feloniousness of his character spelled his doom. (Noun)
4) He won the game feloniously. (Adverb)

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