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Definition & Meaning: Fer Word Root

The root word Fer is derived from the Latin word confer, which means to bring an honour to someone, or to carry, bring, or bear something. This versatile root forms the basis of many words in the English language, each conveying the idea of carrying or bearing something. For instance, a ferry is a boat that carries passengers, and to transfer is to move something from one place to another.Word root tree diagram featuring "transfer," "suffer," and "different" based on the "Fer" root word.

Words Based on the Fer Word Root

Commonly Used Words based on this Word Root

  • Transfer: ‘carry’ across
  • Suffer: ‘carry’ under
  • Different: ‘carried’ apart
  • Refer: ‘carry’ back
  • Prefer: ‘carry’ before
  • Fertile: ‘carries’ much fruit
  • Infer: ‘carry’ into
  • Circumference: a ‘carrying’ around

Archaic Words based on this Word Root

  • Referendum: vote ‘carried’ back
  • Vociferous: voice ‘carrying’

Technical Words/Jargon based on this Word Root

  • Coniferous: cone ‘carrying’
  • Deferment: act of putting off to a future time
  • Deferential: showing deference
  • Defer: hold back to a later time
  • Inference: A logical conclusion drawn from available data using reason
  • Aquifer: underground bed or layer yielding groundwater for wells and springs

Related Word Roots

1. Port (Latin: ‘carry’)

The root port also means to carry, similar to fer, and forms words like:

  • Transport: To carry across
  • Import: To carry in
  • Export: To carry out

2. Gest (Latin: ‘carry, bear’)

The root gest is another root meaning to carry or bear, found in words like:

  • Gestation: The process of carrying or being carried in the womb between conception and birth
  • Gesture: A movement of part of the body to express an idea or meaning
  • Digest: To carry food through the digestive system

Understanding the root Fer and its related roots helps in deciphering the meanings of many English words, enriching our vocabulary and comprehension. Keep exploring and learning with Wordpandit for an ever-growing linguistic mastery.

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