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Definition & Meaning: Fid Root Word

The latin root word Fid means Faith. There are multiple words based on this root word Fid. For instance, confide means to place trust in someone; fidelity means faithfulness; fiduciary is a trustee.Fid Root Word: Learn words related to word root Fid

Words Based on the Fid Root Word

Following is a set of words based on the Fid root word. Let’s start learning!

1. Confident: Thoroughly “trusting” yourself in your ability to do something
2. Fido: Dog’s name which means “trusty”
3. Fidelity: Trustworthiness; faithfulness
4. Confidant: A person whom you can thoroughly “trust” to keep a secret
5. Confidential: Of that which is told in “trust”
6. Perfidious: Of going through someone’s “trust,” hence breaking it
7. Diffident: Not “trusting” oneself
8. Confide: To give sensitive information to someone else to hold in “trust”
9. Confidence: State or condition of being given in “trust”
10. Affidavit: An official written document made under oath to ensure that a statement is “trustworthy”
11. Infidel: A person who cannot be “trusted” to uphold principles of right and wrong.
12. Fiduciary: A relationship in which one individual has the trust and confidence of another to manage or protect her money; a trustee
13. Bonafide: In good faith
14. Perfidy: Betrayal of trust
15. Confidant: Close or a trusted person in your life
16. Confidante: A female confidant

With this, our lesson on root word Fid comes to an end. Hope you’ve learned many new words based in the root word Fid. Hope you enjoyed learning and will use these words frequently in you conversations and readings. Keep learning! Goodluck!

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