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When fists are made into cuffs, it is not supposed to be a pleasant scene, may be chaotic and bloody too. Fisticuffs can bring an event to a complete halt and physical consequences can be severe too.  It is a noun.

Its first usage dates back to 1595-1605 and is a combination of the words, fist, y and cuff. Fist means the fingers of a hand closed tightly into the palm. Y is a suffix of adjectives and cuff is basically a band at the end of a sleeve. However, when used as a verb cuff means to hit someone with an open hand. Hence, fists and cuffs combine to give you fisticuffs.

Pronunciation: fis-ti-kuhf

The dictionary definitions of fisticuffs are as follows:
1) fighting/contest with fists
2) A slap or a blow with fists.

Master tip to learn fisticuffs:
Fisticuffs might be the easiest word to learn owing to its first half .i.e. fisti. The moment you read fisti, the only thing that should come to minds is fists, which should be very easy. And, if learning the word with the help of a mental image, then the word fists should paint a bloody picture of fight, making it easier to add the word in the mental vocabulary.

Fisticuffs can be used in the following ways:
1) It is very normal for the street goons to engage themselves in fisticuffs for fun. (Noun)
2) Fisticuffs is not a very good situation to find oneself in. (Noun)

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