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Flashback is all about going back into the past, furrowing ones memories and coming up with one’s past experiences. It’s about digging into the past at this very moment, in the present. Some flashbacks can be happy ones, others not quite so. The ad here is a perfect representation of a flashback, one where a movie star of the bygone era makes an appearance in the present.

Meanings of Flashback:

1. A part in a film/novel etc. where an event of scene taking place before the present time in the narrative is inserted into the chronological structure of the work.
2. In Psychiatry: a recollection of a traumatic experience, revisiting it mentally, at times accompanied by hallucinations.

Sentence Examples for Flashback:

1. Memories are often visited in the form of flashbacks, and these experiences can be traumatic.
2. The flashback of your ex-girlfriend does not leave a good taste in your mouth, does it?

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