1. What is this section about?

With a simple and direct approach, in this section you will find 10-word sets classified letter-wise. The set of 10 words that feature in a single set have been explained but there is a small twist here. The explanation is in Hinglish, that is Hindi+English, which essentially means that SECTION IS ONLY for INDIAN Students.

2. How to use this section?

Simple approaches work best in life, and that is what we recommend here. Go through the sets, one at a time, and try to establish whether you are comfortable with the general vocabulary level of the sets. In case you find any word in a set difficult, return to the set a day or so later, and try to recall the word’s meaning without looking at it.


Try our 1st Hinglish Set: Letter A, Set-1 Try our 2nd Hinglish Set: Letter B, Set-1 Try our 3rd Hinglish Set: Letter C, Set-1

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