1. What is this section about?

With a simple and direct approach, in this section you will find 10-word sets classified letter-wise. Each letter has its own tab in the index, and each tab would list all the sets for this letter. How have we selected the words in a particular set? Well, we have simply used our years of experience in teaching to come up with this classification.

2. Who is this section for?

These sets are basic level sets meant for those users who are currently working with basic vocabulary skills. As far as entrance exams go, these sets are suitable for exams such as Bank PO etc. Most of the words in these sets are for basic level users, and you would do well to judge your current levels before starting with these sets. In case you do well with the words here, shift to a higher difficulty level.

3. How to use this section?

Simple approaches work best in life, and that is what we recommend here. Go through the sets, one at a time, and try to establish whether you are comfortable with the general vocabulary level of the sets. In case you find these sets tough, kindly shift to sets of ‘medium’ or ‘easy’ level of difficulty. Go through the sets one at time, and make sure you revise the ones you have covered previously.


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