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Definition & Meaning: Flect Root Word

The root word flect comes from latin, and means ‘bend’. There are multiple words based on this root word flect.

For instance, let’s see a few words:
deflect means to bend course because of hitting something.
inflection means a bending in the voice’s tone or pitch
And something which is flexible is easily bending.Flect Root Word: Learn words related to word root Flect

Words Based on the Flect Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Flect root word:

1. Flex: To bend; as, to flex the arm
2. Flexible: Able to bend
3. Flexibility: Quality of being able to bend
4. Texile: Flexible; tractable; as, a flexile nature
5. Flection: The act of bending
6. Flexor: A muscle which serves to bend a limb
7. Flexuose: Relaxed; adaptable; not rigid
8. Flexuous: Having many bends, turns
9. Genuflection: The bending of the knee
10. Deflect: Bend away; as, deflect the missile from its target
11. Inflection: The rise and fall of the voice, as, the inflection of his voice
12. Reflect: Turn back and forth in the mind; as, to reflect on an idea
13. Reflection: An image thrown back; as, a reflection in a mirror
14. Reflexive: Bent back on itself; as, a reflexive pronoun
15. Reflective: Thoughtful
16. Reflector: That which reflects light
17. Circumflexion: A bending around and around

With this, our lesson on root word Flect comes to an end. Hope you’ve learned many new words based in the root word Flect. Keep learning, keep growing!

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