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Mnemonic tip for Fraudulent:

Fraudulent: Fraud ka Dent!
Ab fraud aadmi ko muke aur laten hi padni chahiye aur dent dalne chahiye, haina haina?
Par afsoos woh hota nahi aur dent hamari jeb pe padta hai.

Something more about ‘Fraudulent’

Meanings of Fraudulent:

1. involved in or characterized by a fraud.
2. a fake scheme
3. practicing a fraud

Pronunciation: fraw-juh-luh nt


picture and mnemonic for fraudulent

Sentence Examples for Fraudulent :

1. Sunder was running a fraudulent scheme under the pretext of being a bank employee.
2. The news was nothing but a fraudulent piece of information meant to create panic.
3. The image of a five-headed snake is fraudulent and misleading.

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