Picture For FraySometimes a fray is fun and sometimes it is bound to get bloody and ugly. However, fray doesn’t only mean a fight, it also means host of other things, which can be found out as you read further. It might mean that you are a little confused so as to its usage but then as long as you keep searching for it in all the text that floats around you in everyday life, you would come to know of its different usages, and thus get familiar with its various forms. It is a Noun and is also a verb.

Origin: Its first known usage dates back to 14th century. It has originated from a Middle English word Fraien, which means to affray and is a short for affraien.

Pronunciation: frey

Meanings of Fray

1) A fight or a dispute. (Noun)
2) A noisy squabble.
3) To terrify and to unease/to drive away. (Tr. V.)
4) To strain someone’s nerves. (Verb)
5) To wear away by rubbing.

Master’s tip to learn Fray:

Fray can be easily learnt by associating it with the word gay, as both the words rhyme. However, to relate the words further, we can say it was a gay fray, meaning a happy fight. A fray would hardly be happy for anyone, but could be for you and make you learn the word easily.

Sentences examples for Fray

1) It was a bloody fray. (Noun)
2) He frayed his enemy with a gun. (Verb)
3) His nerves were frayed with loud noises from his neighbourhood. (Verb)
4) The edges of the cloth were frayed, as it was very old. (Verb)
5) As he was at the helm of his fray with his neighbour, he undoubtedly won it. (Noun)

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