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Article Title: Car ownership must become a relic of the past


Article Summary

The article at issue speaks at length on why it is time to renounce private car ownership. According to reports and personal experience, Indian metropolises are nightmares of traffic congestion. And this is mainly precipitated by the disparity in the rise of the private and public transport systems infrastructure. While owning private vehicles is regarded a sign of success, they are used very less, and they take up useful space and pollute useful urban air. Indian cities are highly polluted, and pose significant health risks. To reduce this clutter of vehicles, the author suggests several measures. In the short term, people could be made to share rides instead of having a whole car to themselves. In the longer term, the public transport machinery of the country should be hugely developed to make it more lucrative to people, lucrative enough to make them choose it over private vehicles. If it could be made as developed as, say, London, it would have the power to turn Indian life on its head and in a good way. With India still having very poor individual rates of car ownership, the potential of public transport’s gains is huge. The author says everyone should work towards lessening private vehicle ownership, in whatever small way they can.

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Words to learn from this article:

Suburban: outside a proper city, outskirts, often residential.

Mandating: making something compulsory.

Robust: strong and well-maintained.

Commute: travel, transport.


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