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Article Title: 4 Reasons Why Teens Can’t Stop Procrastinating


Article Summary

This article focuses on the most prevalent attitude of the teens and adolescents – Procrastination. The writer explains why people procrastinate and gives the underlying causes of it. The writer lists ‘anger’, ‘playing the victim’, ‘self-doubt’ and ‘perfectionism’ to be the main causes of procrastination.

The writer believes that procrastinators are liars. They lie to themselves on a regular basis about how long it will take to complete a project, and that they will have enough time to get it done well. So, it is important to rebut rationalisations. Procrastinators have a negative attitude towards work and that needs to be challenged. He asks us to uncover the roots to procrastination and provides us with strategies to overcome procrastination.

Article Link: Click here to read the full article


Words to learn from this Article:

Procrastination – the action of delaying or postponing something

Optimistic- hopeful and confident about the future, positive

Reinforce- strengthen

Malady- a serious problem

Elusive- difficult to catch/find

Sabotaging- deliberately destroy or damaging

Feign- pretend to be affected by


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