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Article Title:Regulating Facebook and Google Won’t Save Journalism


Article Summary

The article is based on a new study which states that aliens may not exist and it also highlights its advantages. The author has described the views of Enrico Fermi and Stephen Hawkings in which they argue that the sheer size of the universe guarantees that there might be life elsewhere. The discovery of extra-solar planets which revolve a different star other than our sun and has earth like features has strengthened this argument.

But scientists in Oxford have carried out a statistical analysis by dissecting a mathematical relation known as the Drake equation, which allows us to calculate the probability of extraterrestrial life based on the combined probabilities of all the ingredients for life being in place. Though this equation has its limitations but it does provide useful insights. Using this equation the scientists calculate the probability we are alone in the universe to be in the range of 39%–85% and the probability that we are alone in our own galaxy to be between 53% and 99.6%. Some scientists claim we have not found ET yet because intelligent life (including us) always annihilates itself before it can successfully develop the technology for interstellar travel or communication. The author believes that the pessimism around our future is unfounded and we may just survive.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Teeming: be full of or swarming with.

Overwhelming: very great in amount.

Outset: the start or beginning of something

Aberration: a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically an unwelcome one.



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