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Article Title: Nothing Lasts Forever


Article Summary

This article explains the importance of detachment. The author says that one should remain unconcerned of worldly pleasures and suffering for everything in this world is ephemeral. Whether in fame or distress, one should remember that this period will not last forever and what is now will soon come to pass. She says that triumph and disaster should be treated the same – as immortalised by Rudyard Kipling in his poem “If”. The Gita embodies this message throughout and since change is the only constant in life, it is wise to remain detached for one has come and shall leave this world empty-handed.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Engrossed: Giving or marked by complete attention to

Impermanence: The property of not existing for indefinitely long durations

Fraught: Marked by distress

Liability: The quality of being something that holds you back

Acme: The highest point (of something)


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