Article Title: Opinion | Be a happy quitter, make a dash for freedom


Article Summary

In this article, the author tells us why it is important to exercise your freedom to move away while growing up. The author asks to run away from clutter, dissonance and those who try to diminish you and that we all need to exercise our freedom to walk away a lot more than we do.

By doing so, the author says, you will get better at creating boundaries and learn to let go of your fear of alienating people. She says that it will take you by surprise that the kind of people who you used to fear will suddenly seem a lot friendlier as you grow older. She suggest to be patient and find different ways of discovering yourself. External forces will try to hijack your conscious and brainwash you but we must not doubt our voice and continue to believe in ourselves. While growing, we will face constant rejections however we must remain undeterred, toughen up and our mind and body will always recover and bounce back to our true self.

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Words to learn from this Article:

Dissonance: A conflict of people’s opinions, actions or characters

Empathy: Understanding and entering into another’s feelings

Fragmented: Having been divided; having the unity destroyed

Irreparable: Impossible to repair, rectify, or amend

Inundating: Fill quickly beyond capacity; as with a liquid

Overwhelm: Become filled with uncontrollable emotion or too much sensory input


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